Intellectual Property Landscape Report
Connected Health: Hearables Patent Landscape

James H. Moeller - Moeller Ventures LLC -
Date: 2020-03-24


The focus of this report is to create a broad connected medical hearables intellectual property landscape that spans both the classical hearing aid businesses as well as the advanced earphone and earbud market. The domain collection for this landscape was created with a two-stage querying process of Google’s BigQuery “patents-public-data:patents” dataset and the “publications” table. The first query isolated patent documents by searching (abstracts, descriptions, and claims) for terms relating the documents to ear-wore and hearing aid inventions such as “earbud”, “in-ear”, “ear-worn”, and “hearing aid”, and variations of those phrases. The second query then refined the domain collection to focus specifically on the connected medical hearables segment using the terms “medical”, “wireless”, and “sensor.” The Google patent dataset used in this analysis is current with patent documents filed through December 5, 2019. The resulting domain collection consists of 7,830 patent applications, of which 4,086 have been granted as patents. See the following link for more information on the patent landscaping process used in this report.