Health / Medical Wearables Patent Landscape
Similar Patents / Google Machine-Learned Similars Domain Collection

James H. Moeller - Moeller Ventures LLC -
Date: 2020-06-22

The principle focus of this report is to create a patent landscape around the wearables intellectual property domain that is derived by identifying the patent documents that are the most similar to the patent documents from the previous assignee names / company names matched landscape. In particular, the domain collection for this report was created by querying the most similar patent documents, as determined via Google's machine leaning model of similar patents and as available in Google's BigQuery research dataset. The 25 most similar patent documents were queried for each patent document in the assignee names / company names domain collection. The Google patents research dataset used in this analysis is current with patent documents filed through March 24, 2020. The resulting domain collection consists of 1,954 patent applications and 4,843 granted patents.

See the following link for more information on the pantent landscape process.

The report sections below consist of tables presenting the details of the patent document landscape. These patent document landscape tables cover a profiling of the domain collection (Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4), tabulations of inventors (Exhibit 5) and assignees (Exhibit 6), an analysis of the most referenced citations (Exhibits 7, 8), and a break-down of the technology classification CPC group codes (Exhibits 9,10,11,12). All the tables in this report (as available on are interactive and can be sorted and searched via the column headings and available keyword search boxes with each table.