Moeller Ventures provides intellectual property and competitive intelligence research services utilizing a broad set of capabilities and experience spanning market analysis, financial assessment, technological due diligence, and data science automation, for projects focused on IP assessment, business development, and investment analysis.

I focus on leveraging my diverse background spanning 15 years of consulting, 5 years in the investment banking business, and 10 years with various technology companies, to deliver customized research that has direct value to client projects. My domain experience covers wide areas of electronics technologies, including wireless and mobile, broadband telecommunications, and components. In addition, as a registered Patent Agent I am better able to assess the applicability of research in the context of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) processes. Finally, with the addition of my Python-based information processing platform, I’m equipped to utilize the latest data science applications for crawling, monitoring, information gathering, machine learning, and AI. My multi-disciplinary approach to projects enables me to deliver distinctive and thorough results.

Jim Moeller
Registered U.S. Patent Agent


Services Overview:

Patent & IP Analysis Competitive Intelligence Research Search & Data Services
  • Market applicability research.
  • Technology assessment.
  • Financial analysis, modeling and valuation.
  • Prior art analysis.
  • US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) processes focused research.
  • Market, product and competitor landscape profiles.
  • Market research and customer prospecting for business development.
  • Technology, standards, and regulatory assessment.
  • Strategic partner research.
  • Industry and corporate financial analysis.
  • Public and Dark Web keyword crawling.
  • Customized crawling and monitoring functions.
  • Dark Web monitoring and information gathering.