Moeller Ventures - Samples of Past Projects

Listed below are short descriptions of some of my previous projects. More recently, due to increased confidentially concerns, I’ve tended to be more selective with the projects that get listed here. Contact me if you need additional information.

Intellectual Property Commercialization Assessments for NIH Funded Start-ups
  • Executed intellectual property (IP) commercialization assessments as part of a subcontract to Vikriti Management Consulting on a National Institute of Health (NIH) contract to provide business commercialization assessments to SBIR / STTR grant award recipients.
  • Executed 200 IP assessments for 164 different life science companies in a wide variety of market sectors including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, digital health, and software. The IP assessments have been continually ranked, via client feedback, as the most valuable section of the overall business commercialization assessment.
  • NIH Commercialization Assessment Assistance:
  • Project Award:
2020 University of Minnesota Design of Medical Devices Conference
Intellectual Property Analytics Project for Rheos Medicines
  • Provided Jupyter data science notebooks, utilizing Google’s BigQuery data warehouse and the Google patents database, that search for human gene related patents and then secondarily link those patents to chemical compounds in the SureChEMBL database.
2019 IoT Fuse Conference Speaker
Intellectual Property Research for Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner P.A.
  • Assess the licensing, purchase, and commercialization potential of technology patents.
  • Analysis of wireless patents for applicability to mobile cellular standards

Business Development for NanoVox

  • Business development activities for NanoVox, a nanotechnology industry consortium, focused on the design and implementation of a prototype collaboration Website, as well as member engagement and partnership projects.
Market & Technological Assessment for Eagan Technology Working Group

Participant in Gig Group

  • Participated in the Gig Group on the initial drafting of a proposed broadband communications task force Bill for the State of Minnesota. The Bill (S.F. No. 1918) was eventually signed by Governor Pawlenty on April 18, 2008 and created Minnesota’s first-ever Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force.

Business Development on Devpeak Technologies, LLC 

  • Co-founded Devpeak with a focus on providing consulting services and enabling technology solutions to electronic product designers pursuing early Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications and printed circuit board (PCB) projects.
  • Provided an embeddable IoT Internet server development kit, approximately the size of a deck of cards, based on Microchip’s PIC18F97J60 microcontroller and TCP/IP firmware stack. This IoT development kit was able to utilize 8 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs, and 1 analog input for sensing applications and serve-up an HTML Webpage as its Internet interface to those sensor I/O. This product sold through Microchip’s developer portal and Digi-Key Corporation (
  • Implemented a one-of-a-kind on-line marketplace for selling EDA (Electronic Design Automation) CAD electronic component models (using an iTunes-like business model) used in printed circuit board designs. The marketplace included over 200,000 software downloadable models.

Market Research and Customer Prospecting for Soligie, Inc.

  • Executed market research on the applications and business potential for printed memory devices (electronic memory devices manufacturing with printing press-like processes).
  • Conducted customer prospecting with companies representing the most promising applications. Engage in detailed discussions with companies including Disney and Steamboat Ventures, Pfizer, Wizards of the Coast, and Cardscan (now part of DYMO).

Business Development for Digi-Key Corporation

  • Market and financial analysis of the overall electronic component distribution industry, complete with competitor financial analysis and with particular focus on the revenue portion consisting of wireless component sales.
  • Wireless component industry detailed analysis identifying the key electronic component manufacturers in each wireless application sub segment.
  • Wireless component and module manufacturer prospecting; researching, establishing relationships and vetting potential wireless component and module suppliers for inclusion in Digi-Key’s distribution offering.
  • Industry-wide Website competitive analysis covering the sites of the top 15 competitors in the component distribution industry.
  • Intellectual property analysis of recommendation algorithms, recommendation engine software tools and collaborative filtering. In particular, research focused on US Patent #6,266,649 issued to Amazon for its item-to-item recommendation process.
  • Researched and coordinated the initial development of Web Services that allow external partners, with applications synergistic to Digi-Key, to access Digi-Key’s component information database.
  • Market analysis of the electronic design automation (EDA) printed circuit board (PCB) tool industry with particular focus on the prospects of incorporating Digi-Key’s component information into the capabilities of EDA PCB design tools.
  • Analysis of component model libraries offered by the leading EDA tool manufacturers and the intersection of components in those libraries to components offered by Digi-Key.
  • Market analysis and customer prospecting focused on the post-secondary educational market for electronic component sales.

Intellectual Property Analysis for the University of Minnesota

  • Executed market analysis, technological assessment and start-up / licensing potential of wireless mesh communications technology developed and patented by the University of Minnesota.
  • Analyzed the licensing and commercialization potential of a broader portfolio of 30 patents pertaining to various technological aspects of wireless communications.

Financial Analysis for Reptron Electronics

  • Performed financial analysis and relationship management for executives of Reptron Electronics during the consideration of a management buyout of part of the business. Engaged Sun Capital Partners and Platinum Equity in detailed, on-site discussions in regard to leading the management buy-out. Reptron was eventually acquired by Jaco Electronics.

Market Analysis for Crescendo Ventures

  • Conducted a thorough market analysis of the wireless industry that characterized 10 different sub segments according to size, maturity, sales dynamics, mergers & acquisitions potential, technology trends, competitive landscape, start-up potential, and overall risks.