Competitive Intelligence for Successful Businesses
James H. Moeller
March 7, 2018
(Approximate Read-Time: ~40 minutes, Word Count: 3,509.)
(Approximate Read-Time: 2 minutes, Word Count: 237.)

I present a mind map that represents the information structure and analytical approach for executing competitive intelligence (CI) projects. The mind map is designed to be a reference for conceptualizing individual CI projects and for potentially prompting ideas of what can be included in a customized project for the reader’s specific market. I breakdown competitive intelligence into six topic areas as listed below.

  • Market Characterization
  • Competition Assessment
  • Technological Analysis
  • Financial Models
  • Future Trend Analysis
  • Strategic Differentiators

The market characterization summarizes the high-level market dynamics and the overall value proposition of the need being met. The competition assessment catalogues the various competitors and focuses on how each succeeds (or fails) in the market. The technological analysis is a broad examination of the technology and intellectual property that is utilized in solutions. And the financial models section adds profit and loss insight via a market macro model and individual company analysis. Beyond that, that future trends analysis and strategic differentiators section both build on information in the other sections. The future trends section accumulates the various product and service, technology, and finance trends to help develop perspective on future business plans. Finally, the strategic differentiators section focuses on the key aspects of why a business succeeds in the market. Ultimately, I believe this report and the mind map can be utilized to design focused competitive intelligence projects that produce meaningful and actionable results.