Getting Started
Welcome to the Moeller Ventures website.

Guest Users:
There are currently two access levels to the site; guest and registered. Guest users are those that are not registered with a verified email address, or logged-in to the site, and thus have limited access to the site’s functions and capabilities. Guests do have access to all the Search & Data Services function descriptions, as well as all the tutorials, and can thus initially evaluate the site’s capabilities. Guests also have access to all the standard information and capabilities in the Blog, Contact, and About sections of the site. But guests cannot execute search and data functions nor access the collaboration portal link, the ticket support system, or account management capabilities.

Registered Users:
Because many of the services offered on the site require a valid email address, registration is required to gain access to these capabilities. Simply follow a “register” link on the site to the registration form to begin this process. Once the form is submitted, the user will receive an email containing a link to verify their email address. After this verification, they are then allowed to log-in to the site. Registered users logged-in to the site can access the Search & Data Services functions, descriptions, and tutorials, as well as the collaboration portal link, the ticket support system, and account management capabilities.

Unless otherwise noted, every search and data function allows registered users free access to some level of limited execution in order to further evaluate the capabilities. Registered users can add funds to their data services account to execute functions more extensively, via the Account Info link in the Customer Menu. See the individual function descriptions for more information. For registered users who are also consulting clients of Moeller Ventures, and for which collaboration portals have been set-up, they will find a link to their private portal under the Collaboration Portal item listed in the Customer Menu. Finally, the ticket support system can be accessed by registered users via the Support Tickets item in the Custom Menu.