Forensic Keyword Crawl:

Simple Keyword Crawl: The most basic keyword crawl can be executed by entering a starting URL and a keyword, and use the defaults for the remaining input fields. The Allowed Domain Names field will default to the domain name of the starting URL, and will thus restrict the crawl to the website (i.e. domain name) of the starting URL. The Deny Domain Names and URL(s) Strings field will default to a blank field, thus indicating that no domain name or URL string should be denied. The Crawl Depth field will default to 1 and the Pages Crawled Limit field will default to 10 (i.e. the 10-page free crawl). 

As a specific example, enter the following.

As specified, this will crawl the site and look for the keyword "fuzion". It will not crawl any links that lead to a URL with a domain name other than This crawl will only search 1 depth level below the starting URL and will stop once it has crawled 10 pages. The output results will show all instances where the keyword matched any text for the 10 pages that were crawled. All 10 pages will be contained within Fuzion website and utilize URLs with the domain name.