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Forensic Keyword Crawl:

  • The Forensic Keyword Crawl queries the specified starting URL(s) and searches all displayed text for the specified keywords. The keyword search proceeds from the starting URLs and follows all links on those pages according to the allowed domain names list, and the denied URL strings specifications, while continuing to search for the keywords on all subsequently followed pages. The crawl can continue to deeper link levels as defined by the crawl depth specification.
  • All webpages searched are logged in user's results output file, with matched keywords noted under each webpage listing.
  • The user's crawl results output file is emailed to the user when the crawl is finished and is limited to 10M in size.
  • Free: All crawls of 10 pages or less are free. Use this to experiment before executing longer crawls.
  • Longer crawls are billed only by the number of pages actually crawled.
  • Crawl Speed: Completion time of a crawl can depend on various factors, such as the number of pages being crawled, the crawler server load, a website's content and page response times, and miscellaneous processing overhead. In addition, the crawler’s queries are regulated to not overload the site being crawled. In general, the crawler typically takes 3 seconds to 10 seconds per page.
  • Crawler Efficiency: The effectiveness of the keyword crawler can be highly dependent on the website content and structure. This keyword crawler is designed to be successfully utilized on the broadest set of websites. Still, you may encounter sites that the keyword crawler is less effective in locating the specified keywords. Contact me if you encounter problems crawling specific sites.
  • Tutorials: Click HERE for tutorial information.
  • Custom Crawls: Contact me if you need a custom keyword crawl designed specifically to your needs.
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